Last updated: August 19th, 2023

When you experience a flood in your home it can cause irreparable damage if you do not seek assistance quickly. The carpet cleaning Ottawa companies offer can help you avoid serious water damage and often save your floors and carpets. You can also take the following steps to limit the damage:

  • If the flooding was caused by a water source within the home first and foremost it is important to stop the water. Turn off the water source in order to stop the water level from rising.
  • If the flooding occurred as a result of natural disaster or sewage back up it is important to be cautious and have someone assess the damage. It might be necessary to throw away the carpeting if it has been in contact with contaminated water.
  • Keep pets and family from entering the area. The more pressure placed on the carpet the more the water can be forced into the floorboards and padding below.
  • Remove furniture from the room that can stain the carpet as well as upholstered pieces that can be damaged by sitting in the water. Wooden legs of chairs and tables can also be damaged if left to sit in contact with the wet carpet.
  • Arrange for professional carpet cleaning Ottawa companies provide immediately to remove excess water that will damage floorboards, under padding and carpeting. Look for a company who can provide specialty services such as drying units.
  • In many cases it might be advisable to dispose of the under padding as it can retain water if it has been allowed to absorb. This does not mean the carpet itself will be damaged if the water was not contaminated.
  • Ask for an odor removal treatment to remove any potential odors that might set in due to the damp. The carpet cleaning Ottawa homeowners require will remove odors to bring your carpets back to their original state.

Flooding can be a devastating experience for homeowners. Water damage can add to warping, odor problems and mould and mildew growth therefore it is important to arrange for a carpet cleaning as soon as possible. By arranging for carpet cleaning, Ottawa homeowners will have better chances of saving their carpet.