Last updated: November 10th, 2022

Cleaning your carpet can sometimes be a more complicated process than you’d expect. Just like those delicate knit sweaters that end up looking a little snug after washing them, the same thing can happen to your carpet after a steam cleaning treatment if it’s not done by the pros. Here are some tips to know to help prevent shrinkage from happening to your carpet.

What Causes Carpet Fibers to Shrink?

Not all carpets are created equal, as many of us know. The different materials all react differently when it comes to cleaning. For example, synthetic carpets are more resilient against cleaning techniques. But natural fibres, such as wool, are extremely sensitive and need particular care to avoid damage and shrinkage to the fibres.

Excessive soaking and hot water are also two common causes of carpet shrinkage. So, when cleaning your carpet, it’s always best to know beforehand what material you’re dealing with so you can avoid using harsh techniques that can damage beyond repair

How to Fix Shrunken Carpeting?

Some carpets may simply not be able to be fixed once they have shrunk. But the best method for tackling this problem is by modifying the edges of a carpet with fabric, thread, adhesives, or stitching where it has receded. Polyester binding tape is folded over and stitched to the rough edge of the carpet to fixed minor damage and frayed edges. This carpet repair can often be done in such a way that can make the difference unnoticeable. This of course, depends greatly on the type and style of carpet or rug.

Hot to Prevent Carpet Shrinkage

The only way to really avoid and prevent carpet shrinkage is by placing the cleaning in the hands of professionals. They are specialized and know what they’re doing. They can figure out the material of your carpet and then tailor the cleaning appropriately.

If you have carpet that needs cleaning but you feel uneasy about doing it yourself, contact Ja-Doc Inglis today. We can take of everything for you so you can sit back and relax with a fresh, clean carpet.