Last updated: November 10th, 2022

We all look forward to the holiday season. It’s a whirlwind of parties, good food and booze-based merriment. But if you’re the host, it can become a season that’s laden with anxiety – every crumb of food dropped, every drink sloshed, everyone who walks in with shoes on suddenly becomes a source of worry. And then, disaster… a glass of red topples on the new cream wool rug. Emergency stations! Does the old soda and salt trick really work or is that an old wives’ tale? Can you use some white wine to halt the progress of the red? Is vinegar a thing? The party becomes a who’s who of amateur carpet cleaning experts, while your carpet is gently soaking up its new colour.

Well, it turns out party season doesn’t have to be a cause of tension, anxious hovering and unwanted changes to colour schemes. At JaDoc Inglis Carpet & Rug Care, we offer a range of services that can get your carpets back to peak condition. We vacuum to remove debris, and use deep-cleaning techniques, including deep agitation work with truck mounted steam cleaners, to remove serious stains – before carefully grooming carpets to enhance the final appearance.

We’re experts at what we do. We’ve been cleaning carpets since 1977 and have received training and certification from the most reputable international cleaning organization, the IICRC. Best of all, our services are intended to give you utmost flexibility following the tornado that is party season – we offer rug cleaning prices starting at $1.36 per square foot, as well as services focused on high traffic areas for just $38. Once you’ve booked, we will be in touch within 30 minutes to arrange a time that’s convenient for you. So even if the worst has happened, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the carpet can be salvaged.

Carpet First Aid

And for the party carpet-cleaning boffins, here’s some emergency action for that red wine stain. First, act fast and blot the stain. Do this quickly, but be careful not to rub it in; just blot it from the outside and let a kitchen towel do the work. Secondly, salt does work! It’s a natural way of soaking up moisture, so pouring salt on the stain will really help to soak up more of the liquid. If it’s too dry it will help to actually add water at this point – the more liquid the salt can soak up, the more wine will be removed.

Lastly, you can make your own cleaner using vinegar and soap. Mix two cups of water with a tablespoon each of washing up liquid and white vinegar, and use this to continue to blot the stain. This will ensure that the damage in minimized in the aftermath of the spillage. And the final step if all else fails? Call JaDoc Inglis Carpet & Rug Care, and let us pick up the slack while you continue to get your house back in order for the next round of guests!