Last updated: November 10th, 2022

For many businesses and office spaces, carpet is the go-to choice for flooring. It’s convenient, it helps absorb sound, and can make a space look sharp and clean. But between the constant foot traffic, dust, dirt, and allergens can easily embed within the fibres and create an environment that feels congested and unhealthy. That’s why maintaining it on a regular basis is important for keeping your office clean and ensuring your workplace looks and feels like a healthy and professional environment.

So if you have carpet on your office flooring or are considering getting it installed, there are two essential keys that are vital for keeping your office space clean and healthy.

Vacuuming Ever Day

This should be no surprise, but when it comes to office spaces, carpeting can be an area that can easily go unnoticed until it simply becomes bothersome or looks in desperate need of attention. But in order to get the most longevity out of carpet, it’s important to have it vacuumed ever single day – especially when there’s constant foot traffic, and especially when the winter season hits and employees and/or customers are tracking in snow and slush every day.

One strategy to avoid wear and tear on high-traffic areas is to use area runs. Hallways and entranceways are great places to throw down some rugs for extra protection. In addition, consider scheduling a commercial-grade vacuum cleaning every 4 to 6 months to give the carpet a good, thorough vacuuming and catch what your standard vacuum was unable to suck up.

Annual Professional Cleanings

On top of vacuuming, servicing your carpet with a professional grade cleaning is the second major key for maintaining a clean and professional looking space. Over time, stains and markings that inevitably develop, often cannot be dealt with or removed by regular-grade cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning service specializes in removing stubborn stains and can make your carpet look as good as new.

Common markings from oil residue, salt stains during the wintertime, and fine grit and dirt are all examples of those stubborn stains that a regular everyday cleaning sometimes just can’t tackle.

The carpet in an office space can speak volumes about the cleanliness of a business, which in turn, can affect the morale and even production from employees. When it comes to an office space, everything counts – especially how well-maintained and healthy that environment is. Did you know that in addition to our residential carpet cleaning services, we also offer commercial carpet cleaning? Give your business an environment it can thrive in by having the carpet professionally cleaned to keep business booming.