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We Clean Rugs from Around the World

The finest heirlooms in the city’s embassies to the hand-hooked rug your gram made. All rugs have a story and their own unique value.


Area Rug Cleaning Services Ottawa

The reasons you love your rug are different for each client.

Some have been passed down through generations. Some represent the hours of searching for just the right rug that fits within your décor. Others carry with them the memory of travel in an exotic place. Even the more humble of rugs simply fit that place in your home that no other rug could.

No matter if it’s an olefin bath mat from the discount rack of a retailer in Ottawa or an imported Qum silk woven decades ago in Persia, we understand that no rug has become yours by accident. For this reason we treat all rugs of any style with the same care and respect.

This is why JDI has developed a 17-point visual inspection. We’ll let you know what kind of results to expect from the cleaning and possibly recommend any repairs that will extend the life of your area rug. We also look for any moth activity that may have gone unnoticed.

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No matter if your area rug is an olefin bath mat from the discount rack of a retail sale in Ottawa or an imported Qum silk woven from decades ago in Persia, we will work to restore it.

Being a great Rug Cleaner is based on using tests and resources to strategize your cleaning steps. Empowered with the right knowledge, the right tools and the right attitude ensure the right results.


Our Procedure

We start by testing the integrity of the fibres and the stability of the dyes.

We follow this by agitating the rug to loosen the majority of the dry dust & debris within your carpet.

The rug is then submerged in a shallow pool of water where it bathes in our cleaning solution designed specifically for natural fibres.

A mechanically driven horse-hair brush is used to gently massage the cleanser on the rug.

The rug continues its journey onto our wash table to remove the cleanser and oils.

The rug is thoroughly groomed to enhance appearance and drying.

Once dried, any specialty spot cleaning and hand cleaning of delicate fringes is performed after.

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Our Past and Future Clients


“1000% better. Very pleasant people, glad to have them in my home. So, so pleased! I have tried other companies and keep coming back to the best!”

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Carol H.

Company : Carol H.
Designation : Nepean

“This is my fourth home and I’ve used JaDoc at each one. Your teams are thorough, efficient, friendly… I would not go anywhere else! Thank you."

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Kate G.

Company : Kate G.
Designation : Kanata

“Great Team, fabulous job! Will highly recommend!!”

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Terrie B.

Company : Terrie B.
Designation : Ottawa

“Very good job – staff were very polite and helpful.”

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Sam K.

Company : Sam K.
Designation : Ottawa

“Fantastic job – careful work. Got rid of stains! Super work!”

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Beverly B.

Company : Beverly B.
Designation : Nepean

“Good to see such lovely people again. Great job as usual.”

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Deanna G.

Company : Deanna G.
Designation : Gloucester

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