Last updated: November 10th, 2022

Butter: that secret ingredient that we just can’t (or don’t want to) ever bake without. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of ending up with butter mushed into your carpet, you know just how frustrating it can be to get all of that residue cleaned. Whether it’s a slip of the tray, your mixing bowl that got out of hand, or your kids’ chaotic bakeoff that sent those ingredients flying  – sometimes, butter ends up where we least expect it.

And if that butter should ever land on your carpet, here are a few quick easy methods for getting it cleaned.

Scrape It Off

Your first instinct might be to grab a cloth and start wiping it up. Avoid wiping, as it will only work that grease into the fibres of the carpet. Instead, use a knife or spoon to scrape the butter off of the carpet.

Absorb with Baking Soda

Next, you’ll need to soak up as much of that grease as possible. Baking soda is one of those magic ingredients that can work wonders for getting out stains. Sprinkle a little over the area and leave it for about 15-30 minutes. Remove a little of it to see if there’s been enough absorption. If it looks good, then vacuum it up. If not, leave it for another 10 minutes.

Clean with Soap and Water

Once the baking soda has been removed, make a simple cleaning mixture of warm water and dish soap. The de-greasing properties in the soap are great for cleaning up any remaining residue. Do not wipe the spot; always blot.  

Use Dry Cleaning Solvent

If the soap and water isn’t enough, then use a dry-cleaning solvent. Apply it over the mark and then use a sponge to blot away and lift the stain. Allow it to dry and then continue to blot if necessary.

Having carpet doesn’t mean you need to put your life on hold. When those baking days get a little crazy, or when the kids act like kids, you know that things can end up in places you never dreamed of and that includes butter on the carpet.

Having a good cleaning strategy in place can make all the difference. It’s important to act quickly, since the oil in butter can make it especially tricky to remove. Follow these steps to get out that mess so you can get back to enjoying life! If the stain is particularly bad, don’t fret. Call Ottawa carpet cleaners to handle it for you!