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Turn Any Carpet into a Functional Work of Art

Our binding and edging services can add not only function but style to match your decor!


Carpet Edging & Repair

What is carpet edging?

Modification to the edges of a rug or carpet with fabric, thread, adhesives and/or stitching. Either to protect the edge from wear and unraveling or to create a custom rug, cut to exact dimensions or shaped to suit your room. Binding is essentially a durable colored ⅞ inch polyester fabric (binding tape) that is folded over and stitched onto the rough edge of the carpet. It is an inexpensive way to turn leftover carpet from a wall-to-wall installation into area rugs and repair or resize area rugs you already own that have minor damage or frayed edges to look new again. The colour options are seemingly limitless, meaning that virtually any color of carpet can be matched. By matching the colour of the carpet, the edge does not stand out and the binding blends in with the carpet.

Serging resembles a hand-sewn look (like on the sides of a hand-knotted wool rug) although it is done by machine. Instead of binding tape, yarn thread is continuously wrapped around the edge and is generally considered to provide a higher-end look than binding. It is commonly seen on pre-made area rugs. We offer a generous selection of solid and multi-colored threads.

For a bolder statement, wide binding takes an otherwise simple rug or carpet remnant and enhances it to suit your interior tastes. This has become a popular and modern trend with designers, especially for dining rooms and bedrooms – framing the edge with an accent or matching color to the room. Made with 100% cotton sisal, the 3 inch width offers a selection of 30 colours and the 5 inch width a selection of 10 colours allowing for many options and customization of your rug.

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Is the edging of your rug fraying? Fringe has worn from repeated walks across? Or is it too large and needs to be resized? We can help with that too!


We Can

Bind, Serge or Fringe a carpet.

Cut Old or oversized carpet down to the size you want and finish the edges.

Design a custom carpet with a pattern and shape to fit your space.

Convert any size or shaped carpet into a brand new area rug.

Make car or boat mats.

Remove fringes and either replace with new ones or finish the end with a clean serge.

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