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You’re not a Quitter, Are You?

Don’t give up on your tired and wrinkled carpet just yet!


Carpet Stretching & Patching Services

Strange things are afoot.

Carpets are getting rippled and requiring stretching sooner than ever before. Even newly constructed homes are seeing their freshly installed carpets come loose within the first 5 years. Reality is, when a carpet installation is done properly, the need to stretch so soon is rarely the case.

That said, a poor installation is just one reason your carpet needs stretching. Humidity or a backing that has lost its strength can also cause carpet to require stretching. When you see ripples, wrinkles, or bunched-up carpet, it’s time to have this corrected by our qualified carpet installation technicians.

But not all issues are ripples. Sometimes it’s a bleach spill or a burn mark in front of the fireplace or damage from a large potted plant overflowing water. If you have had your carpets professionally cleaned and a stain has been found permanent, there is a better solution to replacing your flooring.

JDI technicians can carefully cut out the damaged area and artfully restore the appearance of the carpet by using a leftover piece of carpet or from your closet. Depending on age & wear of the carpet, you often will not notice the bonded carpet insert. Contact us for a consultation and we’ll provide you with a variety of options for you.

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Dangerous ripples in your carpet? Permanent stains or damage that has been a blight on your carpets for years? We can cut out bleach spots or other permanent stains, burned areas, repair rips and tears or similarly damaged areas and patch it with your remnant carpet pieces or use the carpet from locations such as closets.

JDI been offering carpet re-stretching, seam repairs and installation in Ottawa for over 20 years now.


Common Fixes

Removal of ripples and bumps

Cutting out burned, dyed or melted carpet and replacing with a new insert.

Seaming frayed doorways or areas where cats or dogs have dug at the carpet.

Replace rot from moisture or over-wet potted plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet stretching is done using specialized tools and techniques that help remove the ripples and ensure your carpet is tightly secured to the floor. The process involves peeling back the old carpet and underpadding in order to assess if we need to replace the tack strips with new ones. We’ll then use a knee knicker and power stretcher, two tools unique to carpet stretching and installation, as we roll the carpeting back down and tack it to the strips. Once complete, it should lay flat and show no ripples or puckering.

Carpet installation is a technical process. If not done correctly, a carpet can ripple and require stretching in as little as 12 months when in reality, it should last at least five years. It is not uncommon to see poor installation as the cause for carpet restretching, but humidity, inappropriate underpadding, constant foot traffic, or worn backing can also be the reason.

For a good stretch to be effective, it is best to move out all of the furniture in a room. However, we recognize it is not always possible to move all items out of one space and into another area of your home. In these cases, shifting the furniture to be placed in one corner of a room can be sufficient. We can employ the use of a furniture slider should you require it. We recommend smaller items, and those that are fragile be removed from the area.

Yes, our JDI technicians are experts at artfully restoring all sorts of carpet damage. Various circumstances can lead to your carpet requiring this type of repair, but generally, our installers can source a leftover piece of carpet or cut a square from your closet and easily replace the stained or soiled area.

In most cases, no, but it depends on the wear and age of the carpet. Due to the nature of carpet fibres, as long as it is frequently vacuumed and routinely cleaned, it’s relatively easy to make a patch blend in with what is already there. If we believe your patch will not look seamless with the rest of your carpet, we will inform you before performing any repairs.

The two most important factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace are the age and condition of the carpet. In some cases, spot repairs are possible and once completed, a proper steam cleaning can restore the carpet to its former appearance. However, carpets that have not been well cared for due to infrequent vacuuming or cleanings, maybe in a state of disrepair and require replacement. 

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