Last updated: December 3rd, 2022

Every year brings new and exciting trends to the world of rugs. Providing the ultimate cover for hard surfaces, rugs have helped to create beautiful interior aesthetics that help change a house into a home. If you are in the process of redecorating the interior of your home, then stay tuned. Below we cover the year’s biggest trends in rugs to see what is currently hot.

  1. Make Use of Natural Designs

When most people think rugs, they think of historical designs that fall into the floral and well-bordered variety. While these can be colourful and tastefully applied, many are looking for designs that go beyond this. Answering this need are trending natural designs rugs. These are rugs that do away with the old patterning and instead incorporate basic organic forms into the design. Whether it be the basic outline of sea shells or those inspired by microscopic slides, the natural design rugs are a lot of fun and can provide a great deal of colour depending on how they are fabricated.

  1. Bring Nature Inside

Above we talked about natural designs making their way into rugs in 2016. Competing trends are natural colours and shapes from outdoors. For example, green, floral rugs, flowers, and even patterning resembling bark are becoming more popular. Providing an outdoor feel for enclosed spaces, the rug makes use of rug textures to show off an incredible variety of designs.

  1. Consider a Layered Approach

A growing trend in rugs for this year is layering different rugs on top of one another. This works especially well when the rugs are of different textures and the bottom rug is typically either toned down or mono-toned in colouration. The rug above that can be just about anything. This design helps to create a unique textured border around the primary rug, showing off just what can be done with rugs.

  1. Try Shaggy Metallic Rugs

Metal began playing a big part in rug design last year with metallic rings and threads making their way into shaggy rugs. The result of their inclusion was a shine and reflective rug that stood out without losing its soft and approachable feel. Continuing into 2023, there are now a wider variety of these rugs to choose from. Whether you like gold, silver, or some other colour, you will have many different rugs to choose from when picking a shaggy metallic rug of your own.

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