Last updated: August 19th, 2023

DIY carpet cleaning can permanently ruin your carpeting by over-working, over-treating and over-shampooing the fibres. Here are just a few reasons you should depend on professional home carpet cleaners instead:


All carpet cleaners contain chemicals and it is very easy to use a cleaner with chemicals too harsh for your carpet’s fibres. This can lead to issues such as a bleaching of the stained area, as well as adding a strong smell. Others cleaners might do the opposite, adding a pleasant smell but not doing much for the stain. In fact, some may even force stains further into the fibres. Even natural cleaners such as vinegar can cause damage to your carpeting. Professional home carpet cleaners will inspect your rug before they begin cleaning in order to avoid causing damage.

Overdoing It

It is not uncommon to douse a stain with additional foam and shampoo. However, you will actually create a build up and leave a residue on your carpet when you over apply or even over use shampoos and foam products. This in turn can act as a magnet for dirt, ultimately bringing more attention to the stained area. The equipment used by home carpet cleaners allow the exact amount of cleanser to be added and removed so your carpet looks like new.

Stain Spreading

Being too vigorous when trying to remove a stain can actually spread the stain. Scrubbing with cleaners and water can cause surrounding fibres to soak up the stain like a sponge.

Not Enough Cleaning

By not cleaning your rugs at all, you allow dirt to get down deep into the carpet making it harder to clean. It also becomes filled with allergens such as dust mites and pet dander that are released in the air when you vacuum. According to Winnipeg maid company MintyMaids, you should clean your rugs at least once every couple weeks. While this may seem like a daunting task at first, once you get into the routine it can seem like less of a chore.

Water Log

If you overuse shampoo or foam you might then try to compensate with more water to try and remove it. This is a big no-no in carpet care as water can be difficult to remove and also takes time to dry. This can lead to a bad smell and even attract pests and promote mould growth. Professional home carpet cleaners use special equipment that adds water, but then removes it so the carpet dries more quickly, and the detergents can do their job more effectively.

Professional home carpet cleaners will help you avoid making rookie mistakes common to the DIY carpet cleaner.