Last updated: August 19th, 2023

Your carpet fills a large space in your home and adds an accent with your area rugs. It also says a lot about who you are. Here is what your carpet might be saying about you:


The first thing most people will notice about the carpet Ottawa home’s feature is the colour. Here is the message your carpet is sending:

  • Red Tones: The colour red is a vibrant colour that is favoured by active, outgoing extroverts. If your carpet is red you are an exciting person who likes to raise the bar.
  • Yellow Tones: Yellow is a colour that speaks to your individuality. It is cheerful and inventive – perfect for the friendly person who likes to stand out from the crowd.
  • Green Tones: Green is the colour of nature lovers. It is also a colour that indicates naivety. It indicates safety and an appreciation for the great outdoors.
  • Blue Tones: Blue sets the tone for the calm and peaceful home with a sense of relaxation and comfort.
  • Purple Tones: Purple is a decadent colour full of richness and indulgence.


The style of your carpet also has a lot to say about you. Here is the insight your carpet style might be offering about you:

  • Customized Carpeting: If you have unique carpeting customized to suit your tastes you are a modernist. The modernist is drawn to unique, eclectic styles and would never get caught purchasing mass produced items for their home. Instead you are interested in special finds and finer materials such as natural silks and wool. You also prefer unique shapes and designs that will be harder to find.
  • Exotic Carpets: If your home is accented with exotic area rugs and runners than you are a traditionalist. You not only love travel, but are drawn to classic design styles often from different parts of the world. Your home is comfortable and filled with antique finds with a focus on classic comfort.
  • Patterned Carpets: Patterned carpets come in a number of designs and it is unfair to say all patterned carpets are sending the same message. For example if you have a larger, modern geometric pattern you are more of a modernist. However if you have a more delicate filigree or nature influenced pattern you would be more of a traditionalist.

The carpet Ottawa homeowners purchase makes a statement about their personality. Therefore you should choose wisely.