Last updated: July 11th, 2023

You may not think about your carpets very often, but the difference between a worn, stained, ratty, faded carpet and a fresh, clean, sharp carpet is night and day. The look of your home can be completely transformed just by taking proper care of your carpets. Read on to find out how to avoid wearing out your carpets:

Move Furniture

If you never move your furniture, it can create indentations in your carpet which can be very difficult to remove. Keeping furniture in the same place over the years means that the carpet under furniture stays untouched, while the exposed carpet may show signs of wear. Fix both of these problems by moving, shifting, and rotating your furniture on a regular basis.

Rotate Traffic Paths

Do you ever notice that you walk the same paths to get from the living room to the bathroom or front door to the bedroom? These high-traffic patterns can cause a lot of wear on your carpets. When you move furniture, try creating a new layout that creates different traffic paths.

Clean Entryways

An important part of keeping your carpets clean is practicing prevention. Most dirt that ends up on your carpet starts outside, so take steps to keep it there. Invest in entry mats both inside and outside all entryways of your home. Also take care to sweep front and back entrances to remove as much dirt as possible.

No Shoes

If you want to keep your carpets clean, you should never wear shoes indoors. Leave all shoes and boots on a mat or plastic boot tray. If you like the feeling of wearing shoes indoors, then invest in a pair that never leave the home.

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming helps to keep your carpet clean by sucking up most of the dirt and dust. It also helps to fluff up the individual fibres of the carpet, creating a softer feel and appearance.

Carpet Protector

Your carpet may become faded over time due to constant exposure to sunlight. If you can’t avoid direct exposure, then you may want to shield your carpets with a fluorocarbon carpet protector. You can also help guard your carpet against stains with a carpet protector.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners can extend the life of your carpets with routine maintenance using the most advanced techniques and highest-grade cleansers. Professional carpet cleaners can restore carpets that have been worn and stained and return them to their original state.
Keep your carpets fresh and clean with these suggestions.