Last updated: January 31st, 2023

One of the main factors that you need to consider when you own a home is your carpeting. Even though it may seem clean and fresh, there could be an insurmountable amount of dust and grime hiding within its plush texture. This is why more homeowners in the Ottawa area are deciding to choose low-maintenance carpet as it’s easier to clean and safer for kids and pets. Here are some essential types of carpeting to help you choose the right design that requires little to no care.

Synthetic Sisal

Instead of choosing carpets that are made entirely of plant fibers, the sisal carpets are designed to imitate organic sisal but are actually made out of wool or synthetic materials. You’ll get the same type of soft texture but it will release stains much better than actual sisal. In fact, many homeowners prefer the look of synthetic sisal carpeting.


As another popular type of carpet, Wilton is a woven flooring that is of the utmost quality. It’s generally created on a jacquard loom and is designed to give you the durability and reliability that you need. It’s commonly referred to as one of the sturdiest types of carpeting that you can find. Of course there will still be a small amount of maintenance required, but it’s much easier to handle than other types of flooring.


Saxony is made out of yarns and although it may not have the same type of texture as frieze, it helps to conceal more marks. If you need carpeting for a heavy traffic room or your kid’s room, Saxony is a good design to choose.


If you’re really looking for the softest material under your feet, velvet is great as it offers a matte finish. It helps to hide any tracks and indentations, which also makes it convenient for high traffic areas.


If you have an informal room, frieze is a good type of carpet to consider as it helps to hide footprints and the marks that are left after vacuuming.


Although this is a quintessential throwback to the 70s, shag carpeting can actually be used in modern homes. You can find it in a variety of colours and helps to make a room more inviting, though vacuuming can be difficult as a result of its long yarns.


As a design that you would frequently see in hotels and pubs, it’s a more affordable type of carpeting and you can really find it in a variety of colours. It does last an incredibly long period of time but also offers a more industrial-feel.


Trimmed in some areas, a ribbed carpet has a curved design that can be great for both formal and informal rooms. Since it offers a textured surface, it helps to hide any marks and stains, making it a great addition to high traffic areas.