Last updated: May 5th, 2023

There are certain household chores that you can procrastinate on, while others cannot handle the risk. There are a number of issues associated with carpets that you will have to address right away if you find them. No dilly-dallying allowed here! Here is a list of four big carpet problems that you need to deal with as soon as you spot them:


Mold, dust mites, and a host of other allergens can make a home in your carpet if it is not properly maintained. Cleaning your carpet regularly and minimizing the allergens in carpets is especially important for homes with children, allergy sufferers, and elderly residents. Be sure to vacuum carefully and to contact an Ottawa carpet cleaning company like Ja-Doc Inglis to deep clean your carpets once every 18 months.


If carpets are not properly cleaned or maintained, you will find yourself with an odour issue soon enough. Odours can come from food stains, drink stains, pet stains or daily use. To prevent these odours from occurring, you need to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. Be sure to address any stain immediately and be sure that pets are properly house trained. Make sure rooms with carpet are properly ventilated and that you have an Ottawa carpet cleaning company come in every year to deep clean your carpets.


When a tuft or curl of carpet rises up above the rest, it is typically called sprouting. Sprouting is associated with newer carpets and can be remedied by cutting out the tuft with scissors. Pulling the sprout is not a good idea because you could risk even more sprouting and damage the surrounding area of the carpet.

Wear and Tear

Unless you only use your carpet for show and nobody is allowed to step on it, wear and tear is inevitable. To help slow down the wear and tear on your carpet, you should request that nobody wears their shoes inside the house. You should place door mats at the entryways in your home to prevent as much dirt and water from possibly getting into your carpet. It’s wise to regularly re-arrange your furniture so that you don’t always have the same areas of carpet getting trampled year round.

These are only some of the reasons why you should consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned. If you’ve decided it’s time to deep clean your carpets, contact an Ottawa carpet cleaning company like Ja-Doc Inglis. They use professional equipment and state-of-the-art techniques to make your carpets look and smell like new.