Last updated: August 19th, 2023

Many cultures request you remove your shoes before entering their home. In fact some even have extra slippers set aside for guests just in case. If you have carpeting in your home you might think shoes off is the way to go. However there is a good reason to put on a pair of soft soled slippers before you head into your living room to relax.


It seems like if you go barefooted in your home you would be trailing the least amount of dirt onto your carpet. However your feet will actually transfer oils from your skin to the carpet. Oils are not good for carpeting as they act as a magnet for dirt. This is not a good look for your carpet as over time your carpet will not only be dirty but flat and less comfortable.

Street Shoes

Street shoes introduce their own dirt and soiling to your carpets. Your outdoors shoes will bring in dust, dander, mud, and even wet that can lead to a filthy carpet over time. However unlike the oil from your bare feet, most of the dirt brought in on your shoes can be easily vacuumed up. However the bacteria on your shoes can linger and is invisible to the human eye. If you like to put your feet up you can really wear your upholstered furniture down and cause discolouration with your outdoor shoes. It takes a thorough upholstery cleaning Ottawa homeowners require to get the soiled marks out. Regardless removing street shoes, especially wet or muddy ones is a good idea.

Socks and Slippers

When you take off your shoes it is important to keep your socks on. This will keep the dirt from your shoes at the door and the oils from your feet on your skin. If you prefer, keep a pair of soft soled slippers around for everyone to slip into when they get home. You can also encourage family to wear socks and slippers around the house when they are home.


Especially in the winter it is a good idea to have a plastic shoe mat with a lip to keep run off from wet shoes contained. It will also keep bacteria from spreading.

The life of your carpet can be greatly improved by following the shoes off, socks on rule. It can also help reduce the need for upholstery cleaning Ottawa companies offer.