Last updated: November 10th, 2022

If you’re giving your interior décor a revamp, the flooring can be one of the most important (and difficult) decisions to make. When it comes to carpet, we know how warm and cozy it makes a home; there’s nothing quite like stepping down on a soft surface during those cold winter mornings. But choosing a style and colour can be stressful – after all, it is going to be something you have to look at and like years from now. Should you go with a colour or stick with something neutral and simple?

A lot of the decision boils down to your own personal taste, but you must also consider the practicality of that decision as well. So if you’re unsure of which way to go, here are some pros and cons to help settle your mind.

Pros of Coloured Carpet:

Hides stains more easily

We all know how having a patterned or coloured carpet can be much easier to maintain. It can even provide you with that extra tinge of stress-relief when it comes to entertaining guests and the red wine is flowing.

Also, it’s a great choice to consider if you own a pet. For those who are pet owners, you know just how frustrating it can be to have to continuously vacuum up all of that shedding hair, only to have it look just as bad a few minutes later.

Dealing with constant shedding can be a lot easier to deal with when there’s a colourful fabric that somewhat matches your furry loved one. This can help hide hair so that you don’t have to vacuum several times a day.

Bold and different

Having a colour on your floor that veers away from the usual or “normal” stylish trends can be a bold and unique way of expressing your own particular quirky style. Who says you have to follow suit with the rest of the world? Be bold and be different with your own individual taste.

Potentially better wear and tear

And since your bold and beautiful carpet doesn’t show up marks and stains as easily, that means you can generally get more longevity out of it. Better wear and tear means you get to enjoy the quality of that carpet for years to come.

Cons of Coloured Carpet


When you install a colourful carpet, it may seem great then and there. But the problem with going bold is that once you’ve chosen that colour, it can become out-dated very quickly. Aside from the style and designs, your own taste might change, and if it does, you’ll still be stuck with your bold decision, indefinitely.

Altering your décor

Aside from any out-dated designs, the fact is that even if you simply want to switch up your décor, that carpet will limit your selection and options greatly since everything must, in some way, compliment that colour.

Could accentuate stains and shedding

Although coloured fabrics can potentially hide these factors, depending on what you select, they could just as easily accentuate stains and shedding from your pets.

So keep these pros and cons in mind when you hunt for the right carpet for you. And remember, aside from your own personal taste, it’s always important to consider the practicality of your decision as well. When you move, will that bright green carpet make the home less attractive to potential buyers?