Last updated: April 17th, 2023

Shag rugs and carpeting were all the rage back in the 1970s, and it seems as though they are making a swift comeback these days. With so many people now having a new shag rug or rolling out an old one, it is time that we all learned how to take care of them. It’s really not that difficult – at least not when compared to walking around in the platform shoes that were also popular during that era. No, taking care of shag rugs is pretty simple when you follow these basic guidelines.

Be Careful When You Vacuum

You can vacuum your shag rugs as needed, but you do need to be as careful as possible. Be sure to set your machine on its highest pile setting before turning it on. If you forget to do this you could not only damage huge patches of your carpet but you can also ruin your vacuum cleaner.

Loosen the Dirt

Despite how awesome your current vacuum cleaner is, it’s still probably not a good idea to start sweeping your shag rug anytime soon. If it’s dirty, there’s a better solution. Take your rug outside and hang it over a rail or clothesline. Allow it to hang there for a while so that the dirt can loosen, which will make it much easier to remove when you get to the next step – which involves you beating the rug with a broom or stick until you are satisfied that it is clean.

Clean It With Care

Cleaning shag rugs is not like cleaning standard carpet. You have to be gentle, which means you might need to steam clean it or use a dry shampoo. Just remember that if you use a dry shampoo you will have to vacuum up the remaining debris, so don’t forget to set your machine to the right setting. As far as steam cleaning is concerned, it’s best that you let your shag rugs air dry if possible. Because of the materials that comprise most shag rugs and carpeting, using high heat or drying machines on it may cause unsightly and permanent damage.

Stay On Top of Spills

Accidents are bound to happen, but you can prolong the life of your shag rugs by keeping a close eye on spills. Clean things up as quickly as possible with a gentle cleanser to prevent stains. Be sure to let the area dry naturally to avoid any damages.

If you do have a messy spill or the rug gets dirty beyond all DIY repair, give Ja-Doc Inglis a call. Our friendly team of certified carpet cleaning experts will keep your shag rug looking chic for years to come.