Last updated: April 17th, 2023

Having pets is awesome, and so is having a nice house with beautifully maintained floors. You shouldn’t have to choose between the two – not when you have some general guidelines to help protect your rugs from pets. Your furry friends deserve a break, but you deserve a pleasant smelling home with clean rugs. Meet in the middle by using these techniques.

Potty-Train Your Furry Friends

First of all, a well-trained pet will not be as likely to use the bathroom on your rugs as an animal that is still not housebroken. Do everything you can to potty-train your pets before allowing them around your rugs. Protect your carpets with dog training pads and trays until your pet is fully housebroken.

Own Washable Rugs

A lot of pet owners prefer to enjoy indoor pets as opposed to wild animals that come and go as they please. This takes a little compromise on both parts. A potty-trained pet will behave accordingly, but he or she may still have accidents from time to time. Purchase washable rugs if you can, that way any problems can be taken care of effortlessly.

Pick a Busy Rug Design

Did you know that most pets will not go to the bathroom on a rug that features a funky design? That is because it overloads their senses, looks unnatural, and is therefore uninviting to them. Keep your carpets protected from pets by making them feature busy designs and your pet will likely do their business elsewhere. Not only will your carpets be less likely to be victimized by your pet, but the artsy design will add a touch of class to the décor of the room!

Use Underpadding

You could always place some padding under the rugs in your home to keep them protected from messy pets. Padding is an inexpensive solution for untrained or accident-prone animals. As an added bonus, no visitor will see the pad under there, so you and your pet’s dirty little secrets are safe.

Hire Professionals to Regularly Clean the Area

Despite your best efforts, and even if your pet doesn’t ever have accidents, you will eventually need to hire a professional to come clean your rugs and carpets. Between pet dander and hair, your floors need expertly cleaned at least once a year to maintain their initial integrity. You’ll know when it’s time because your rugs and carpets will start to smell funny and will look dingy even after you get done vacuuming. Before it gets to that point, give Ja-Doc Inglis a call and we’d be happy to take care of the problem.