Last updated: March 9th, 2023

Every homeowner has a cleaning regimen of some sort. Whether it’s the weekly quick sweep-and-dust or the yearly all-encompassing spring cleaning, there is no doubt that maintaining a clean space will help make the most of your house. While many of us focus on cleaning areas and items that are immediately apparent, there are some features of our homes that we fail to reach with our efforts.
It might not seem like much of a threat right now, but neglecting to clean out storage cabinets and closets could become the start of unwanted pest problems. If you’ve ever pulled out a fresh linen just in time for spring only to find that it’s riddled with tiny bullet holes, you already know how frustrating it can be to have clothes moths in your house. Make sure you keep those annoying pests at bay to keep your clothes, rugs, and other materials clean and pristine.

Keep Everything Clean

Oh yes, it can be tempting to hide away those winter clothes and thick linens even if they’re all stained. You’ll have next season to clean them out anyway. But this minor oversight could quickly turn into a major problem. Unless you want to be responsible for the thriving moth metropolis in your closet, you should make sure that any clothes you store away are clean and free of any food stains and filth. Keeping things clean is your first defense against these pesky pests, so make sure you give everything a thorough wash before you throw it into storage.

Double Pack Everything

Just keeping your cloths and fabrics in closets might not be the best defense against moths and their creepy crawly kids. Because these larvae can be so small, they can and most probably will squeeze into the tiniest of spaces just to get to your goods. The solution isn’t as complicated as it seems, however. Simply double pack everything before you hide them away – use sealable plastic bags and clear plastic containers to double your defenses against moths.

Carpet Maintenance is Key

Moth larvae love to hide away in thick carpets – especially under furniture where they’re rarely ever disturbed and get to eat what they love. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness of your rugs and carpets all year round and to get rid of any moth larvae that could possibly be hiding away under your toes.
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