Last updated: January 31st, 2023

Allergic reactions can be a big hassle for those who experience them. Aside from causing great discomfort, allergens can also be the reason for the development of numerous conditions and complications. If someone in your house suffers from allergies, you should see to it that your home remains free of allergens that could trigger a reaction. Clear your home of allergens by making use of these smart cleaning strategies.
How to Clear Your Home of Allergens

Clean Regularly

When dirt, pet fur, and other contaminants accumulate in your home, they could make it highly likely for your allergic family members to experience an attack. This is why you should ensure that you stick to a strict cleaning schedule to clear your home of these potential triggering factors. Don’t allow allergic housemates to perform dusting jobs around the house as this could put them at risk of a reaction.

Change Linens and Drapes

Cloth and fabrics are likely to become the breeding ground for many different types of allergens. This can be particularly true for heavy drapes that cover breezy windows. It’s highly likely for allergens to spread throughout your house when wind blows through curtains, pillows, and even rugs. Make sure you change linens, drapes, and other cloth décor and coverings around your home regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust. Schedule upholstery cleaning on a yearly basis to rid your furniture and fabrics of allergens. Upholstered fabric is closer to the breathing zone than carpets, so regular cleaning makes sense to reduce most allergens.

Utilize Airtight Food Containers

It’s one thing to inhale an allergen, it’s another to consume it. Studies have shown that allergic reactions to ingested food can be a lot more threatening than inhaling them. See to it that you keep food far from the clutches of potential contaminants and store all of your leftovers and other food items in airtight containers.

Clean Out Clutter

Those big boxes and storage containers you like to keep all over the house are ideal for allergens to live and thrive in. Keep your home free of clutter and see to it that your home is as free and spacious as possible. This way, you can make it easier to clean out any dust and filth that could accumulate in your house.

Discourage the Use of Shoes in the House

The walkways and streets we walk on outdoors could have allergens all over them, and we risk inducing an allergic reaction by bringing them into our homes. Keep a shoe rack outside your house so you won’t need to store your shoes indoors and enforce a “no shoes” regulation inside to avoid bringing in potential threats.
And of course, vacuum and dust on a weekly basis at minimum and supplement your regular cleaning with yearly visits from your favourite carpet and upholstery cleaning cleaning service in Ottawa!