Last updated: April 17th, 2023

When shopping for an area rug for your home, there are, surprisingly, a lot of factors to take into consideration before purchasing the “right” one. After all, an area rug can be a huge investment for your home. They have a unique way of transforming any type of room and maintaining the chosen theme of a living space, so choosing the right one for you, your home, and your preferences is absolutely essential. Below is a handy list of a few important things to consider when shopping for an area rug for your home.

Where will the rug be situated?

When purchasing an area rug, it’s important to know beforehand where exactly in the home it will go, and the purpose it will serve in that particular room. For example, would you like the area rug to be the focal point or “accent” within your living room, or will you use it for people to sit and play games on? The purpose of your area rug is an essential thing to consider before you choose one.

What is the theme of your living space?

Make a note of the general theme of your living space – is it decorated in neutral shades with a modern and minimalistic ambience? Or is it more on the bright, bold and vibrant side? Whichever theme your living space is, there’s an area rug out there that will complement it perfectly. Either you want your area rug to blend in with its surroundings, or you wish to use it as the “accent” piece within the room. Establish which one, and choose your rug!

Can it be easily cleaned?

Don’t assume that your area rug will hardly ever need cleaning, because that probably isn’t the case. An antique carpet typically needs to be professionally cleaned about once a year if used often, so take this into consideration if this is the kind of area rug you’re looking for. Make sure you know exactly how your chosen area rug needs to be cleaned, and how often, before you make your purchase. Even if your area rug isn’t particularly precious, a yearly clean by professional carpet cleaners will wipe away dirt, dust, and allergens and make your carpet look like new again.

Is it cost-effective?

If you tend to mix things up regularly in terms of your home’s style and design, then it’s probably best to buy your area rug at a discounted price, or online. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a good quality, long-lasting area rug, spending a little over your budget may be worth it in the long run. It’s important to consider how long you intend you keep your area rug, as a way to determine if paying a high price is really worth it.

These are just a few factors to take into consideration when shopping for a new area rug, so it’s best to make a note of these before heading out to your favourite carpet store.