Last updated: July 11th, 2023

Your rug or carpet may suffer water damage as a result of a flood or leak. If you don’t fix the problem quickly, your carpet may become mouldy and cause a health hazard. Take care of the problem quickly with these steps:

What is the source of the damage?

Before you do anything, you should determine the source of the water and make sure it has stopped. Clean water may come from a broken water supply or overflowed tub, while grey water may come from a broken washing machine or dishwater. Beware of black water which comes from sewers or septic tanks and can be extremely hazardous to your health. Hire professionals to identify the source of the water damage and clean or dispose of everything in a safe and sanitary manner. Absolutely do not attempt a DIY fix if your carpet has been damaged by septic water.

Act Quickly

You should act to clean your carpets within 48 hours of the water damage to prevent mould from forming. Avoid stepping on wet rugs, as the fibres are weak. Remove all possible water with a wet vacuum, cloths, a mop, and towels. You can speed up the drying process and stave off mould growth by running fans and dehumidifiers.


Professional carpet cleaners can examine the flooring and inspect the carpet padding. If the padding has soaked through, you’ll want to replace it once the drying process is complete. Padding is much thicker than carpet and takes longer to dry. Also be sure to clean any baseboards and walls that were touched by the water.

Steam Clean

Professional carpet cleaners will make sure your rug or carpet is completely dry, sanitized, and deodorized. The professionals will also steam clean the carpet to ensure dangerous mould, bacteria, and fungi cannot grow. Some carpets will need to be replaced if they have been ruined by hazardous black water. Your professional carpet cleaners can dispose of these items in a responsible way, ensuring they don’t put anyone at risk. Most carpets, however, can be restored to their original state.

Water damage to your home can be quite an ordeal, causing harm to your belongings and potentially putting your health at risk. It is important to act quickly to protect your carpets if they have suffered water damage, so be sure to contact professional carpet cleaners as soon as possible to start the process.