Last updated: May 5th, 2023

An office is a busy place. From 9 to 5, and often well beyond, individuals will be passing through this space. More often than not, their primary concern will not be for the office furniture as much as for the work at hand. As a result, things like chairs, desks, and walls go unnoticed and unattended when damage occurs.

One of the most ignored yet most important parts of an office space is the carpet. As many offices have carpets, the carpet keeps many stains that cannot be removed by traditional end of day vacuuming. Why is this bad? Let’s find out why you should hire a professional carpet cleaner for these common office carpet stains.

The Stains

More often than not, coffee will be among the most common stains on an office carpet. In addition to coffee, there is ink, dirt, and even food grease. You know how it goes, someone trips and spills their coffee, or drops crumbs of food onto the carpet while eating lunch, or someone drops a pizza slice top-side down right onto a brand new carpet. Professional carpet cleaning companies like Ja-Doc Inglis can address these issues right away and get the carpet looking its best.

Why Hire A Professional?

1. Bacterial Growth

No one wants to get sick at work. This is why work has sick days, so that sick people do not come in and get their coworkers sick as well. However, what if the sickness was coming from inside the office? Food and coffee stains in particular can be the perfect breeding grounds for mould and bacteria that can create an unsafe working environment. By having the entire office carpet professionally cleaned, you can eliminate this risk from the office setting.

2. Odours

While not as bad as bacterial and fungal growth, odours are far more noticeable. Many things tracked onto carpet will leave permanent odours resistant to everything but the most professional cleaners. A hired professional carpet cleaner will know both how to identify and remove the odour from your carpet, creating a smell-free and productive office as a result.

3. Stains

Some stains will simply not go away. While not as big of an issue around an isolated cubicle, stains on major walkways as well as in places where outsiders come through can send the wrong message. In particular, stains signify that this space is generally uncared for and is not of much importance or significance.

Zap these three potential issues before they grow to affect the morale of your employees and the impression of your customers. Call Ja-Doc Inglis today for professional carpet cleaning services.