Last updated: June 12th, 2023

If you want to keep your carpet clean and spotless, regular maintenance is a must. Follow these do’s and don’ts to extend the life of the carpets in your home:

DO Vacuum Often

Vacuuming is one of the most important parts of routine carpet maintenance. Vacuuming will swallow up dirt, dust, and food particles, leaving your floor looking clean. It also fluffs up the individual strands of your carpet which can become crushed over time due to traffic or the weight of furniture. Invest in a high-quality vacuum with great suction.

DO Rotate Furniture

Furniture is heavy and can sag into your carpet, causing indents and worn patches. Shift your furniture a few inches every few months and vacuum over the furniture marks to revivify. A few months later, you can shift them back to the original position. No one will even notice the slight difference, but they’ll definitely notice the nice carpets.

DO Create New Paths

You’ll notice over time that your furniture layout leads to certain high traffic paths, from the doorway to the living room, or from the living room to the kitchen. These high-traffic areas can cause your carpet to fade and wear over time. If possible, reorganize your furniture to create new paths and give certain areas of your carpet a bit of a rest.

Do Invest in Mats

Outdoor muck is the enemy of clean carpets. Help protect them by installing mats at every entrance, including the back door or patio. People can wipe off their shoes and leave the dirt and snow far away from your carpets.

Do Trust the Professionals

If a problem is too big to handle, don’t fret. You can turn to professional carpet cleaners to remove stains and restore your carpet to its original look. If you don’t have the time, patience or know-how to solve carpet problems, there’s no shame in getting help from the experts.

Don’t Let Stains Sit

There’s nothing worse than staring at an embarrassing carpet stain for years then realizing you could have removed it if you acted quickly. You can spot clean your carpet with DIY treatments like club soda. Pour a small amount of club soda on the stain and blot it dry with a fresh towel.

DON’T Wear Shoes

Shoes track in dirt and worse from outside, and end up leaving your carpets messy and unsanitary. Leave your shoes at the door. If you like the feeling of wearing shoes inside, then invest in a clean indoor pair or wear clean slippers.
Follow these steps, and you can maintain a clean and beautiful carpet for years and years.