Last updated: May 5th, 2023

Every year homeowners fall prey to the same myths surrounding professional carpet cleaning. Failing to understand the need for clean carpets and routine professional cleaning is an easy way to waste money and endanger occupants living in the home. Luckily, many if not most of these common myths have been debunked. Read on to recognize these myths and learn the real truth behind each.

“My Carpet Is Clean Because I Vacuum Once A Week”

This is one of the biggest myths homeowners believe worldwide. It’s surprisingly easy to believe in this misconception, especially if your carpet doesn’t look visibly dirty. However, many homeowners are unaware that carpets attract harmful allergens such as mould and dust mites, regardless of how often you vacuum. While routine vacuuming is in fact necessary, professional cleaning services are needed at least once a year to maintain a truly healthy, clean carpet.

“Professional Carpet Cleaning Isn’t Worth the Cost”

Homeowners who believe this myth often put off professional carpet cleaning to save money. In reality, regular cleaning today will cost less today and save money in the future. In fact, your carpet is among the largest investments you’ll make. This is because a carpet’s lifespan is greatly reduced without routine cleaning, especially if homeowners have large families and live with pets. Make a smart investment today and avoid believing this myth.

“I Don’t Need A Pro, I Know How to Clean My Carpet Well”

Another popular myth in which homeowners fall victim. With affordable carpet cleaning machines conveniently available for rent or at low cost, it’s an easy misconception to believe. The truth is, yes, these machines do prove helpful, but they don’t do anything to eliminate the residue that builds under the carpet. More importantly, professional carpet cleaners are trained to identify the problem areas in your carpet and understand which services are most appropriate.

“I Should Hold Off As Long As Possible”

It’s a myth that getting your carpet professionally cleaned will take away the beauty of new carpets. The truth, the longer you wait, the harder it is for a carpet cleaner to finish the job. More importantly, an unhealthy carpet also poses health hazards, especially for families and visitors who suffer from allergies. Research proves that neglecting professional carpet cleaning can make the air quality in your home less safe than the air quality outdoors.

“I Don’t Require Professional Carpet Cleaning. My Carpet Is Stain Resistant.”

Stain-resistant carpets are great for dealing with spills and minor stains, but they’re insufficient in the long run. Dirt and harmful allergens will become trapped underneath a carpet’s fibres over time. Only a professional cleaning can solve this problem. Ask your carpet cleaner to reapply stain resistant if necessary.

Professional carpet cleaners hear these myths all the time. You – and your carpet – deserve to know the truth. Believing these myths will cause problems for your carpet, health, and bank account.