Last updated: November 10th, 2022

We all experience those moments when you flip through the latest interior design magazine, or stop and stare in envy of those programs on TV with perfectly laid out, lavish interiors. Well it doesn’t have to be just fairy-tales and daydreaming. Designing your home interior to look just as good as those designer programs on TV isn’t an impossible feat. With these simple tricks, you can decorate your home like an interior designer and replace that envy with pride.


When a room looks untidy, chaotic, or just downright ugly, take a look around it to see what stands out. If you can’t spot it yourself because you’re too close or too emotionally involved, consider asking a friend or neighbour for a more objective look. Chances are there’s a lack of symmetry involved (and too much clutter). Once you’ve removed the clutter, having furniture and objects such as lamps and chairs balanced in a room can work wonders for creating a cohesive layout. Think about matching end tables on either side of the bed and using lamps to create that perfect balance.

Statement Rugs and Art

If your interior seems dull and boring to you – maybe there’s a few too many neutral shades dominating your walls – why not add a bold splash of colour with a statement rug or piece of art? Great design is all about being bold and cohesive, all the while still expressing your own unique style.

If you’re out shopping for that perfect piece, try to select something that has tones and colours to compliment or enhance your overall current design. That way it won’t look too out of place. A dirty rug makes the wrong kind of statement, so don’t forget annual area rug cleaning to keep things looking fresh.

Bold centerpieces and accessories

The one thing that you’ll always notice in interior design photos or television programs is that they really accentuate furniture with beautiful centerpieces and accessories. So even if you have a boring coffee table or dining room table, you can easily take it to the designer lever by buying some bold candleholders, vases, or something that will add a bit of height and character to a table.

Additionally, you can get creative with your accessories. Start thinking about colourful, patterned cushions, statues, or figures that you can utilize to give your space some flair and personalized character. But be careful not to add too many accessories so you don’t end up with more clutter. One or two items per piece should do the trick.

If you feel like those dreamy interior designs are something only designers can achieve – you’re wrong. If you follow these simple tricks you’ll have your home looking as good as any professionally designed interior.