Last updated: March 9th, 2023

If you’re a pet owner, you know well too often that accidents can happen. Since your little furry friend can’t help with cleanup, the most important thing is to eliminate the evidence, Do not fret. Just follow these simple steps to guide you in dealing with any pet carpet damage.

Eliminate any evidence of the “accident zone”

Wherever the soiled spot is, be sure to thoroughly clean up any mess. Use paper towel to blot and remove anything on the surface layer. Luckily, many carpets are manufactured with stain-resistant material, so removing a stain – especially if it’s fresh – shouldn’t be too difficult. However, once this is done, you will need to neutralize any odours that may be lingering. If you do not, make no mistake – your pet will easily sniff out that spot once again.

The best way to achieve this is to visit your local pet store and purchase a pet odour neutralizer, recommended by a pet care professional. This way you can ensure that you are not using any chemicals that may leave a residue, which can be potentially harmful for your pet.

Rent a wet vacuum

If the stain is persistent and you’re still worried about an odour, rent out a wet vacuum. These machines can be found at any local hardware store. They utilize clean water to extract dirt and deep-set stains. Just be sure to avoid using any chemicals with it – the water will do just fine. Despite what other pet owners may say, you should avoid using any steam cleaners, or vinegar-based solutions. These products will only enhance the problem by permanently locking in both stain and odour deep within the fibres of your carpet. If you prefer the hands-on approach, call a professional carpet cleaning company in Ottawa to clean up the mess and make sure your carpet looks like new.

Block access to the accident zone

For a little added precaution, set up a barrier of some sort to prevent your pet from entering the previously spoiled area. This way, they can’t form a habit and view it as a good spot to leave their mark. Additionally, if you live in a complex where outdoor access is a bit more of an effort, use indoor pads, which can be found in any pet shop. You can place these in a preferable area and train your dog to use them if needed – these are great when you don’t have the convenience of heading outside each time they need to be relieved.

Having pets and carpeting can seem like a bad combination, but with the quality of stain-resistant materials that are available today, along with the range of odour removal pet related products and help from your favourite carpet cleaning company, you can be sure to eliminate just about any damage your furry friends may cause.