Last updated: December 3rd, 2022

Did you know that instead of throwing away that old rug, you can get is repaired or restored? Rug restoration it’s a great way to keep your favourite rug looking sharp without having to spend a huge chunk of money on purchasing a new one or throwing away an item with great sentimental value. If your rug is looking a little worse for wear – and detaching from it is something you’re not ready to do – consider rug restoration and these most common requests that people seek.




Whether your kids had a bit too much fun playing magic carpet, or your dog got a little aggressive, those warped areas of fabric can often be re-weaved. So if your rug is in need of some re-stitching, our restoration experts have the ability, skill and materials to repair it and match it to your carpet.


The Fringe


The fringe areas of rugs are most susceptible to damage, tearing, and simply looking worn and withered over the years. That’s why it’s one of the most common repair requests. So from one section to an entire replacement – you bet it can be done.




In some cases, if damage to your rug is severe, or simply the colour of it has faded over the years, certain ones can undergo dye work to restore them. This can cover up damage, restore the vibrancy and make it look fresh and new.




For the purposes of mounting a rug to the wall, this can be achieved or repaired by utilizing the strength of Velcro, similar to what you’d find in a museum. By combining fine stitching, a Velcro system and a securely mounted molding that attaches to the wall, this can easily be achieved. So whether it’s installing or repairing a mount – displaying a rug or tapestry is also among one of the more common requests for repairs.


If you spend good money on a rug, you want to get the most bang out of your buck and make it last. But over time, constant foot traffic and wear and tear can quickly deteriorate the condition of it. But rather than throwing your money away on a new one, try the option of simply repairing it. Whether it’s a ripped fringe and warp section of weaving – restoration experts have the skill and tools to bring that fabric back to life. So before you toss that ripped rug away, consider your options of restoring it first – it could end up saving you a lot of time and money.