Last updated: January 31st, 2023

Microfiber couches are some of the most beautiful, comfortable, and popular pieces of furniture sold today – and it’s easy to see why. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber, typically made of polyester. The material is very stain-resistant and repels liquids better than most competition upholstery fabrics. It also mimics the look and feel of suede at a much more attractive price point.

Cleaning a microfiber couch requires different techniques than other couch fabrics. How should you approach it? Dark microfiber colours will hide stains and dirt, lighter shades are going to show every bit of grime that they have been collecting on a daily basis.

If you have pets or small children (which often times can feel like the same thing) you need to know exactly how to go about cleaning a microfiber couch and how to do so without ever damaging the material or detracting from the look and feel it brings to your life.

Here are a couple of important things to remember.

Vacuum your couch before you do absolutely anything else

Before you do anything else, thoroughly vacuum all of the couch (including under the cushions. Use the brush attachment for best results. Vacuum with remove or loosen the dirt, dust, and hair from your couch.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean up stains

If you have a couple of stains that you want to get rid of, you want to use rubbing alcohol as opposed to traditional water or other cleaning solutions so that there isn’t any risk of soaking the fabric. Rubbing alcohol evaporates really quickly, but still gives you the kind of cleaning power you need to get rid of caked on dirt and debris. Use a sponge that is the same colour as your couch, if possible. Otherwise, a white sponge will do. Use the scrubbing side and rub vigourously. Take a look at the underside of the sponge and admire your hard work! Let the couch dry, and then revacuum or fluff the couch to unflatten the fibers.

Bring in the experts

These cleaning methods are effective for monthly maintenance, but every 12-24 months you’ll also want to hire an upholstery cleaning company in Ottawa to tackle the project for you. Professional cleaners not only use the best equipment and cleaning products- they have the expertise and know-how to make your microfiber couch look like new.

If you live in the Ottawa area, Ja-Doc Inglis can help with any upholstery cleaning you may need.