Last updated: June 12th, 2023

You take great pride in the appearance of your home. Having a clean, fresh carpet is very welcoming to guests and it is nice to come home to after a long day’s work. You also take pride in being able to tackle any kind of home-related issue with your own two hands. You’ve seen those kiosks in the grocery store advertising DIY carpet cleaning machines and thought to yourself: “I could do that over a weekend and save a lot of money.” Here are a few reasons why it might not save you money, and why it will certainly not offer the same quality as a professional carpet cleaning:

Equipment Quality

The machine you’ll be able to rent at a store is small for a reason. If it’s too big, you won’t be able to bring it home with you in a regular-sized sedan. There is a big difference in quality and power between professional equipment and a machine you can fit in your trunk. The DIY machine won’t have a strong enough vacuum, produce enough heat, or have enough water pressure in order to really deep clean your carpet.

Time Spent

Do you want to spend your weekend cleaning your carpet? Oftentimes it could take three or four run-throughs before you see results anywhere close to that of a professional carpet cleaning. Don’t forget to consider the time you will lose when deciding to take on DIY carpet cleaning. That time spent waiting could cause a stain to set in.

Hidden Dangers

Cleaning the carpets yourself could lead to a number of different problems that could affect your health and that of your family. The DIY machines are known to over-wet your carpet, causing mould build-up, discolouration, unwanted smells, and delamination (which is the separation of the carpet’s secondary backing from its primary backing).

You Might Not Save Money

Consider the issues raised above. You save money initially when you rent the machine for a weekend, but you find out a week later that your carpet has developed mould and has been discoloured. Now you definitely need to hire a professional cleaner or even get a brand new carpet. You take a risk every time you try and do a professional’s job on your own with inferior equipment.

So before you decide to clean your carpets on your own, consider contacting an Ottawa carpet cleaning company like Ja-Doc Inglis. They can make your carpet look like new using high-grade cleaning products and professional equipment.