Last updated: August 19th, 2023

Here are five of the worst stain culprits and how to beat them:


When you spill red wine it is important to act fast. For synthetic carpets mix a non-bleach detergent with water and blot using a white cloth or paper towel. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes and then using a white vinegar and water solution blot at the detergent on the stain. The vinegar will remove the soapy residue of the detergent that will attract more stains and dirt. Do a final rinse using luke warm water and remove access water with a clean cloth. For natural fibers it is important to spray the cleaning solution first and then dab at the stain. For both carpet types repeat the process until the stain comes completely clean.


This is another deep, dark stain that requires quick thinking. You can use the same technique as you do for wine (see above).


Gum is s sticky mess that can get ground in and collect more dirt. To remove gum, take an ice cube and hold it to the gum until it freezes. You can then hit it with a spoon to crack it into pieces and remove them. Do a final once over with the vacuum to remove the smaller pieces. This works for wax as well.


Oily spills are more demanding as they will cling to the carpet fibers. You can use two tricks for oily spills. The first is to place a clean cloth over the stain and heat with an iron to melt the spill and absorb it into the cloth. However this is not advisable for synthetic fabrics that can melt. The second, perhaps safer trick is to apply shaving cream with an old toothbrush and then rinse with luke warm water.


Whether you’re giving your walls a fresh coat of paint or you’re working on an art project painting can cause quite the mess. Acrylic paint can be removed using glycerin or acetone. Blot and then rinse with water.

These tricks will help you avoid stains to your carpet. When your carpets look a little worse for wear carpet cleaning services can help bring your stained carpets back to life.