Last updated: June 12th, 2023

If you like to experiment in the kitchen, it’s important to understand how to take care of one of the most troublesome carpet stains, you might encounter: cooking oil and grease. If you’re struggling with a cooking oil or grease stain, please check out our three helpful tips for how to get oil out of carpet.

Please note that with all of these cleaning products, we recommend that you do a test patch on an unimportant and unseen area of the carpet beforehand to be sure that they will not stain or discolour your carpeting.

Blot the Oil, Scrape the Grease

For oil, the first step is to blot up as much of the stain as possible. Use an absorbent material such as a towel or a white rag. Start from the outside of the stain and work your way in, blotting using a circular motion. You will remove most of the stain this way, but there will be remnants that you will not be able to blot up from the carpet fibres.

For grease, the process for removal requires you to scrape off the grease instead of blotting it. You can use the blunt end of a knife to gently scrape the grease off of the carpet fibres.

Coat the Stain with Powder

To remove the rest of the stain, coat the area with absorbent powder like corn starch or baking soda. Let it sit for a day, if possible. Once the wait is over, vacuum up the powder and check to see if the stain has disappeared. If some of the stain still remains, move on to the next step.

Wash the Area with Dish Soap

Create a solution with a tiny amount of dish soap and water and apply it to the stain. Scrub with a brush or sponge and allow the product to sit for a few minutes. Rinse with water and blot up the excess liquid until the area is dry.

If the stain is still present after you’ve completed these three steps, you should repeat them a few more times. Be diligent but don’t lose hope if you can’t make the stain disappear on your own.

If your stain still hasn’t disappeared after multiple tries, contact an Ottawa carpet cleaning company like Ja-Doc Inglis. They use professional equipment and state-of-the-art techniques to take care of any carpet stain issue.