Last updated: January 18th, 2023

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10 Famous Chairs in Pop Culture.

By A.J. Leal

Have a seat.

Through the ages, mankind have been passing on stories in order to learn but also to entertain ourselves. As time went on, we came to love certain stories and characters that we heard, read or watched. If anyone asked us who is our favourite detective, superhero or sci-fi villain, we would have nothing less than a monologue to explain our preferences. With equal passion of course.

But has anyone ever thought of a favourite chair in fiction? No. Of course not.  Nor have you.  So just because I have thought of everything (and because I really have nothing better to do), I have compiled a list that would help you spark a conversation that would impress your friends… about chairs.   So in honour of Father’s Day, get the popcorn ready and prepare to absorb useless trivia information with this list of 10 Famous Chairs in Pop Culture.

No 1: The Iron Throne.

The Iron Throne

Intrigue. Murder. Conquest. Being a king sure isn’t an easy thing. Of course, I don’t speak from experience but if HBO’s Game of Thrones is anything to go by, the life of a monarch can be a challenging one. I used to think that being a king meant one had it made in life. Clearly I was wrong. Which is why a comfortable throne is a must. It’s THE chair in the kingdom and it represents authority and wisdom. Imagine being the poor lad who inherits the Iron Throne. Look at it, that chair wants to kill you. That throne is not a symbol of an important achievement in life, it’s clearly designed to say “Congratulations, your Grace, you survived your wedding. Now EVERYONE wants to kill you.”

No 2. Batman’s chair.

Batman's Chair

Batman is cool. He’s the best. He has a tragic story but he managed to overcome it in order to be a hero. The money, the looks and the badassery. He has it all. Of course the gadgets are a huge part of who Batman is. The Batmobile, the Batarang, the Batwing. But arguably, the most important gadget for Batman (and for any man) is his chair, yet no one ever speaks of it. Of all the cool things in the Batcave, the chair is truly the most important. This writer knows very well the importance of a good office chair. Imagine the hard time Bruce Wayne would have fighting crime if he had a sore back whenever he was behind the Batcomputer. A superhero with a good chair, is a superhero with a good back.

No 3. Emperor Palpatine’s throne.

Emperor Palpatine's Throne

In one of the most iconic movie series of all time, Emperor Palpatine is one of the most sinister villains of all time. His throne is instantly recognisable and adds so much to his ominous persona. But I think Palpatine gets a bad rap. If you think about it, all he really wanted was order in the galaxy. I’m sure that deep down, Palp is a good lad. Look at him, he’s just enjoying a relaxing evening in his favourite chair.  And I ask you, my dear rebels, what could be wrong with that?

No 4. Captain Kirk’s chair.

Captain Kirk's Chair

If ruling the galaxy isn’t easy, imagine having to explore the thing! Captain James T. Kirk, of the USS Enterprise has a big job to do. Fighting evil aliens, dealing with the Klingons, winning intergalactic battles against Khan, sleeping with women, sleeping with green skinned women. Seriously, that’s a tough job. Which is why he gets to enjoy the simple yet elegant chair  in between his adventures. Which of course has got that whole retro 60’s thing going on, proof that retro is big in the future.

No 5. Dumbledore’s Chair.

Dumbledore's Chair

Professor Dumbledore’s chair, which was inspired by the throne in Westminster Abbey, is a symbol of power but of a different kind. It’s not only the Headmaster’s chair, but it’s the chair made iconic by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore himself. A man known not only for his powerful magic but also by his kindness, mercy and knowledge. For the Wizarding world and Harry Potter fans alike, the chair of this Headmaster is untouchable and anyone who dared claim it for themselves better be ready to be up to the task.

No 6. Dr. Claw.

Dr. Claw

One of the most iconic images in Saturday-morning cartoons,  the ever elusive Dr. Claw knows how to find comfort in the midst of all his world-conquering machinations.  Can you blame him? I mean imagine planning to take over the world on a pathetic plastic office chair. Clearly, such a task demands the highest quality of chair. Obviously Dr. Claw knew what his status as villain demanded, a mysterious and sinister presence.

No 7. Dr. Evil.

Dr. Evil

Mysterious and sinister isn’t exactly how we could describe Dr. Evil.  Well unless you count the Star Wars themed trailer of course in which he makes quite the entrance, seriously check it out it’s great. Dr. Evil’s chair is one of the greatest. It has style and is perfectly suited for its owner. Even if Dr. Evil is completely clueless at making it work.

No 8. H.G. Wells’ Time Machine.

H.G. Wells' Time Machine

This might just be my personal favourite. Look at it!  Not only is it a chair (and one that looks rather comfortable too), but it’s also a time machine! And as far time machines go, it’s rather practical too. I mean sure the DeLorean is iconic and cool, but if I were to travel through time, I would prefer not to deal with finding parking. Wells’s chair is far more discreet too, it’s the next best thing to the TARDIS.

No 9. Morpheus’ chair.

Morpheus' Chair

Morpheus, the Matrix character not the Greek god of dreams, was a man of good taste. Nice suit, great shades, awesome tie and of course, a nice chair.  Without that chair, the idea that our world is a computer simulation wouldn’t have been believable. There’s something about a Wing Chair that gives credibility to anything anyone could possibly say. Really, I could be sitting in one reading an Archie comic, and I instantly look like Charles Dickens reciting Oliver Twist.

No 10. Michael Corleone’s chair.

Michael Corleone's Chair

Intrigue. Murder. Conquest. Banana daiquiri. Being the head of a family sure isn’t an easy thing. I’m bookending this list with The Iron Throne and Michael Corleone’s chair because these two are the most badass of the lot. Yes of course, Don Vito Corleone is the family’s first Godfather, but look at this picture. The man projects power, and of the dangerous kind. His cool demeanor is precisely what’s to fear here. He sits in that chair, looking at his prey but doesn’t move. He measures his prey in his mind but waits patiently until the right moment to strike. All in that chair.

There you go, 10 famous Chairs in Pop Culture. All iconic, all unique and all in the need of a good clean. Which of course, in the case of the Iron Throne, it literally is a dangerous task. Let’s be honest, we all know those swords are still sharp. Cleaning Dr. Evil’s chair looks easy, until of course the supervillain would send his sharks with frickin lasers on them after the poor guy who missed a spot. As for Michael Corleone’s, no one wants to hear him say “I know it was you,  Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!” when doing a less than satisfactory job. Especially if their name isn’t even Fredo.

Still, these 10 Famous Chairs in Pop Culture needs good care, and on this Father’s Day it’s even a better time to clean your Dad’s Chair. After all, his chair is iconic too in its own right.

Get the JaDoc Inglis crew to clean his chair. We don’t fear sharks with frickin lasers on them and we guarantee you we won’t miss a spot.

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